Sunday, 14 March 2010

Wait, so the *cake* was filled with custard?!

I watched Muppet's Treasure Island today, again. Even though I haven't seen it in a while, I discovered that I still know almost every single line by heart. I've watched it *that* many times. It makes me happy. Ridiculously happy. And instead of growing out of it, I seem to be growing into it. Every time I watch it I love it even more than the time I watched it before.

I was a very piratey girl growing up (and am still, but shh...) and cannot think of a better start to any movie than this:

Anyway, today I learned something. When Miss Piggy, here Benjamina Gunn, is complaining to Kermit, AKA Captain Smollett, about him leaving her at the altar... I aaalways wondered why she told him that her "cape was filled with bloomin' CUSTARD!" (yelled emphasis hers). Today, a good 12 or 13 years after first seeing this film, it clicked, and I realised that it wasn't her cape that was full of custard, but her cake.

It makes a lot more sense, but the image I've always had in my head, of a dressed up Miss Piggy with a cape bulging with custard, is too good to lose, and I might have to pretend there's no cake involved.


This post was supposed to be about a lot more than the Muppets, but it's late and it's Mother's Day tomorrow, and by some miracle (in the form of unused holiday) I have the weekend off. I want to be fresh to make the most of it.

I'll post properly soon!


Lilly Rose Chen said...

this is pretty funny...I've never seen this movie. Now might just have to rent it. Funny, I learned a lot of my English with the muppets...

becky said...

I still think a Cape full of custard is better than a Cake full!

And the clip is so cool, I remember watching it now!


Anonymous said...

Now I'll have to watch it again, this time with my daughter. I've already had her watch the old Muppet Show episodes and she's really into it.

Still picturing the cape full of custard. =)