Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring!! And new ideas.

Spring has sprung! It's sunny out! And it's been getting warmer. I took a walk through the woods today. There are a couple baby crocuses popping their heads out, and the bluebells are showing green tips through the brown leaves. Spring is my favorite season of the year. It's so fresh and green after the cold winter, and everything is full of life and hope for the rest of the year.

This whole week (what, it's only Wednesday?!) has been full of exciting things for me. After months of moping around, wondering what I should be doing with my time, I finally have a project that is fun and challenging and I'm loving every second of.

While trying to redesign my website last Friday, I was reminded of things I've wanted to do for a long time, and haven't because... well.. what if it doesn't go right? I want to write, I want to take photos, I want to teach photoshop. Put them all together, and a blog seems to be the best way to get started. I've thought things similar to this before, but then put it out of my mind coz, I'm busy, and who am I to tell anyone anything anyway?

Well. That's the old me thinking. When the idea popped up again the other day, this old me had enough time to go, "Yea... not a chance..." before the new me went, "Waait a second, why not?" and started off on a brainstorm of what I could do and how I could do it, just a quick list of possible topics so I would know if it was feasible or not.

The result was scraps of paper completely covered in scribbles and bullet points and ideas, not only for the blog but, for the first time in years, ideas for my own photography, photos I want to take, experiments I want to try, and more ideas coming every other second.

I'm still petrified of putting myself out there as any kind of expert, coz I'm not, I'm just someone who knows some things and wants to know more. But... what's the worst that can happen? No one will read it? Well eeeven if that was the case, even if I had not one reader (and I know I have at least a handful of friends as readers guaranteed, so there goes the worst case scenario already), for every article I write, I would still be learning and finding inspiration in my research. So basically it's win/win.

I've spending this week writing as many articles and tutorials as I can so that I can settle into a style and know what I'm doing. I'm having so much fun. It's stretching my writing muscles, and making me think about what I'm doing in photoshop and behind the camera instead of running on automatic. Everything I read or hear, I'm thinking of in terms of how I could explain it to someone, instead of it being something I vaguely hear and then forget. Already on my journey to teach other people, I'm understanding more myself. As soon as I'm ready, very soon, I'll start posting on my brand new blog!

For anyone who's curious, it'll be here:
I'll remap the domain name to my own once I'm actually writing on it.

<<Update - later on today>>
My new blog has a couple introductory posts and can now be found here:


becky said...

It's still winter here. I want to go to the woods, please! And take photos! And then edit them with your Photoshop tutorials, hehe. Can't wait for you to start posting!


Lilly Rose Chen said...

Most people sit around and talk about what they would like to be doing but you are actually DOING it! Kudos to you for stepping out and making a change. Looking forward to seeing more photographs from you...but you are wrong, you be suprised what you can teach others. Even if what you say they already know. Sometimes people just need to be reminded. Go for it!