Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Beating the Block

I'm very proud of myself right now.

I didn't want to write for my photography blog this morning. It's so hard to start again after a weekend of work and no thinking, but I knew that if I didn't write today I wouldn't write tomorrow either... and the next day? Who knows. This is what happens to every new project I start. As soon as it gets difficult, I find excuses to avoid it, until I forget about it altogether.

Well not this time. I'm determined to stick with this wherever it might take me, and no matter how hard it gets. It's my personal challenge to myself, and  anyway, I'm loving this project far too much to want to lose it. So I banned myself from checking my email, using the internet or my phone, anything except writing really, until I had written just one post.

To my delight I discovered that, once I got through the initial block, I didn't want to stop. Hours later I'm making myself take a break, having written and posted one short tutorial, written another post to publish tomorrow, and written part of next week's tutorial because it was writing itself along with today's. It feels so amazing to have written so much, so easily, with so much enjoyment, after being so set against it in the morning. I've proven to myself that I can break the old habits, and do what I set my mind to.

My portfolio website is also going through a make-over. The colour and style is much more me than before, and I spent yesterday updating the photo collections. I now have something I'm happy to show people, rather than hiding it away and mumbling about how I have to get around to fixing it.

Now I'm off to spend some time awaaay from the computer screen!

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