Sunday, 25 October 2009


My poor blog, lying here neglected as life rushes past.

I'm still staying at home for the time being, two months on, something I didn't expect to happen. But thankfully it's working out a lot better than expected. House-hunting is on hold while I find my way in the world and get back out of my enticingly large student overdraft. Unfortunately this means as much overtime as I can get while I can get it. I've worked my usual weekend today and yesterday, I get tomorrow off, then I'm working all the way through until next Monday... six days in a row. *sighs*

But in the meantime I've finally begun my Writer's Bureau course, I've sent off and received back my first assignment and am working on what to write for my second. I'm determined to follow through with it consistently from now on. I want to write.

On the subject of writing, Nanowrimo is fast approaching and I'm facing my yearly "to do, or not to do" dilemma. I really want to, I miss it. I miss the ridiculous pressure of writing so many words despite whatever is going on around, but I'm worried about putting that pressure on myself (yes, a complete and utter turnaround from my last post, but that's me through and through right now) while I have so much else going on. I'll think hard on my day off tomorrow and make a decision one way or the other.