Friday, 26 February 2010

Forward, onward, upward.

Since finally surrendering to my Word of the Year, I've been working on Dare all of this month. I find it incredible how one little word, once you let it, can get under your skin so completely. Through Dare-tinted glasses, everything looks different. While I'm still finding it terrifying to step out of my comfort zone, it no longer feels like an option to not do so.

When I think of taking action and think, "But what if..." I'm developing the ability to stop and say, "But what if I don't. What then? What do I gain?" The answer is almost always, "Nothing new." I'm becoming able to ignore the groans and creaks of resistance and take small steps forward. Little steps, one at a time.

This is all fairly vague today, I apologise. I want so badly to blurt out all my lovely plans and ideas, and more importantly, the things I've actually started doing to make them happen. But as much as I'm Daring right now, I'm still petrified of falling flat on my face and am not quiiite ready to say too much just yet. I'm just thrilled at the changes I can see in the ways that I'm thinking and acting and wanted to let loose a little squeak of excitement.

Now that I'm moving forward, things feel like they're beginning to finally start clicking into place around me. And this is in only about three weeks, I have the whole of the rest of the year to keep Daring onwards and upwards.

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