Sunday, 21 February 2010

Candytree and Power Failure - or, making videos once more.

Isn't it amazing how mixed up your days and nights become when you miss a night of sleep? I'm not entirely sure what day it is anymore. My calendar tells me it's a Sunday... my brain doesn't know what to think.

Friday night I spent the entire night helping on a music video shoot for a friend from uni. It's my first time working with him on one of his own projects, and it was a lot of fun. The video is for a band called Candytree and a song called Power Failure. We had fun playing with every kind of light we could get hold of, including a sunset, all the lights of the city, torches, and some fairy lights. Rob is very, very good at what he does and got some fantastic shots. I'm super excited to see the edited piece as soon as it's finished.

The shoot went from 4pm until a little past 5am so that we could film everything in the darkest night without having to worry about changing light. I didn't get home until it was broad daylight again, I fell asleep for a couple hours and then forced myself to get up so I wouldn't go nocturnal. Filming was tiring, and for several hours it was more cold than I ever remember being (an example: our CD player stopped working for a while due to ice in the mechanism), but I enjoyed it thoroughly. There were so many lovely people to meet, sets to organise, lights to stick colours all over, and music to play/pause/play/pause/play/pause.

This is the first video project I've worked on since finishing uni, it felt so good to get back into it. I've missed making things. I want to keep on making even just tiny little videos to keep from getting rusty. There's something so magical about seeing a finished video and knowing that before you, it didn't exist... to see your ideas develop from words on paper into moving images, characters coming to life on screen. That's what I love most about making videos.

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