Saturday, 5 December 2009

Website, coming soon. (no, really this time!)

I very, very much want a website with my photos, just collections and favorite images, somewhere I can show what I am proud of and use as a portfolio if (when!) I go more serious with my photography.

After months of coaxing, cajoling and bullying my brother into actually making me the website he promised to build me, I've gone back to the free software I started making my site with in the first place. He's still promising to finish building the one from scratch, but instead of waiting I'm doing my own thing and I'll replace it with his when it's done.

I now have the basic skeleton of my website in running order, it just needs a few cosmetic tweaks and a little more content, and it'll be ready to actually show people. I can't wait to have somewhere that's mine at last, rather than just a page in a giant website like Flickr (which I do love). I plan to have it viewable by next week.

Eee, excitment!

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