Monday, 14 December 2009

A kick into action.. or inspiration in the form of "that should be me!"

While we were having breakfast this morning my mum put on some one-off documentary thing from Channel 4. I didn't feel like watching TV and was about to turn it off, but within seconds of it starting I was spell-bound. It was one of those things you watch and think, "oh my god, this is something I would have made given the chance" (well, as a not-quite-yet-filmmaker I watch and think that, maybe not you.)

It was just so.... me. It was called The Solitary Life of Cranes, and was about crane drivers, how no-one thinks about the fact there are people in tiny boxes at the top of the hundred or so metal structures towering above you wherever you go in London. It was all about the things they see that no-one else does, the patterns, the little things they notice, weather, sunrise seen from the sky, the quiet and solitude... and the whole documentary was shot in exactly the way I have written up treatments for my own films several times. It was like watching moving photography. Quiet, simple, no faces, no talking heads. Just a constant stream of amazing imagery, and the voices of the crane drivers talking about their experiences.

The whole time I was watching I was thinking, "I could have done this. I have to start making films. I could have made this!"

As it drew to a close I became determined to stop going, "Eh, but it's all so difficult and commercial..." and actually write something that is me, and then pitch it, instead of worrying about having to get an official media industry job and working on other peoples' projects for years before daring to think of my own. I can work on mine in my own time while I'm working in my normal job, or while I'm working on other writing.

Then the credits started rolling. First came all the special thanks.... then the director's name.
Not only has she made a film that is identical in every way to my style and attention to things no-one usually considers, she even has my name! (Properly, I'm Vrinda Eva Webb)

Seeing someone with my name making my films has given me a good kick to stop procrastinating. I've come up to my room now to start work on my own projects. I'm going to start working on either one of my storybooks (still running on the inspiration of meeting the illustrator the other week) or on the script I've put to the side since last year and would love to have completed.

So off I go to do that now.

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