Monday, 14 December 2009

Home-Grown Silent Movies

I stumbled across these linked in an old email. These quick mini videos are  the result of an afternoon playing in the woods with a camera, back in the days of yore... before we were grown up with uni and jobs. (Although, since finding these I've been thinking about how to get everyone back together for more. I'm thinking spies... watch this space.)

All are taken with the silent movie function on my point-and-shoot camera.
Each clip is only a few seconds long, and quite absurd. Enjoy!

This whole filming thing started with the discovery of my brother's unexpected silent sneaking skill. I have no recollection of quite how we made this discovery...

Don't trust nonchalant people standing in the middle of the woods.

Watch out for strange hooks coming from behind trees.

Our interpretation of that famous scene in Indiana Jones

Some kind of chase.

When a tree stands on the boundaries between dimensions, odd things can happen.

Also, don't trust cute little girls standing on tree trunks.

And last but not least. Don't blink or you'll miss it!


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