Monday, 17 August 2009

Phase One

The first load of stuff has left my room.

My room feels sad now. Most of the stuff that is me is out. All my books (except the 10 or 15 I refuse to be parted from), my DVDs, my clothes apart from a skeleton wardrobe, my knitting and yarn stash, spare bedding, art supplies, my ridiculously large collection of notebooks...

And my landlord seems to be dodging my notes and visits since I handed in notice about two weeks ago. He owes me money.

(I've just noticed that in this photo I have Bridget Jones, Jane Austen,
Anne of Green Gables, and a rag doll.... my stuff isn't all this girly and twee, honest!)


SillyBoy said...

Phase Two is the part where you find a home where your phone gets a signal, right?

Evie.E said...

And internet! Yes.