Monday, 13 July 2009

Writing, writing.

After a week or so of doing nothing but binge-watching Buffy, I'm finally feeling more alive again. I think I needed to get a whole lot of doing nothing out of my system. And yesterday's return of my desire to write is getting stronger. Last night I was up till past 1am writing the first assignment for my Writer's Bureau course. Four years I've procrastinated on writing that... no... five.. and now I'm up all night coz I can't pull myself away before "just one more sentence... and one more...".

Also, Becky and I have a new pact to stretch our writing muscles with challenges. We have begun to set each other subjects or tasks to be written by a certain day. I'm currently writing about facebook, I haven't quite decided what aspect exactly.

Also also. I've been digging through my old scraps of writing and have found a couple things I haven't seen in a long time and am suddenly very excited about developing into something more than scraps. I found a story that I wrote in my morning pages on day a few years ago and want to try turning into a childrens book. I scribbled (keyword "scribbled") in word with my pretty new tablet (which I'm loving more by the day) for a few minutes and have a rough rough opening page, and a thirst to find my art supplies and try my hand at illustrating.

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becky said...

I agree, doing lots of nothing to get it out of your system is a very good idea. Especially if it means you end up staying up all night because you want to finish writing assignments!

And I love the drawing - it's such a pretty scribble! I can't wait to see the next stage of your designing, you must post the hand drawn illustrations once you've started!