Friday, 17 July 2009

Website, coming soon.

My brother has been promising me for ages to build me a website for my photos, but then not getting around to it. Today I sat down with him for a few hours and made sure he didn't leave his desk until it was built. I now have a basic skeleton that needs a few tweaks, and, well, some photos.... then it will be all up and ready to see! I can't wait.

I feel like drawing. I think I'll play with my tablet more today.
Eep, and I'm behind on my writing. I'd better go do that also!

Short post today. xx

Because it's such a short post, I think I'll leave you with a picture. This is the pretty clock that I bought yesterday for mine and Becky's new flat (yes, the one we don't have yet), it was cheap, but I like it. And behind it is the mask I bought in Venice.

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