Saturday, 18 July 2009

Taking a Sick Day

(Photo by Kati Brown on flickr)

I'm home sick from work today. It's the first time in my year and, um, nine months I believe, of working there that I've ever called in sick, and I keep getting the guilt coz I know that they'll be short-staffed on my floor today. But then I do something like call my mum, and realise that for some reason I'm incapable of even stringing together a simple sentence without slurring it and forgetting what the start of the sentence was. Or I'll try and open the curtains and lose my balance. No... I'm better off here, huddled in my room feeling sorry for myself. And better I rest today and am fine for work tomorrow, than go in today and be useless and then be useless again the next day.

In a twisty way it's kind of nice to have permission to just... be sick. I don't have to push myself to get to work, and then stay upright once I'm there, and I don't have uni work to do. I don't have anyone around me wanting me to do anything, or be anywhere. It's just me, my duvet, and a day of much needed rest.

I'm hoping that, with enough water, sleep, tea, and vitamin C, I'll be fine to go to work tomorrow. At least it's a later start than today so I don't have to get up too early..

Calling in sick raised an interesting dilemma I'd never had to think about before. As I dialled the number I was wondering how sick you're supposed to sound when you call in... Where's the balance between sounding sick enough to take a day off, and sounding so sick that you must be faking it?

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