Thursday, 9 July 2009

People Watching

I find it amusing how marvellously Londoners manage to make appearing aloof into an art form. I came home during the rush hour yesterday. We were crammed into the train, about to leave London Bridge, when a rather large man jumped on saying, "Will everyone please move down." in a slightly irritated tone, as if it was our fault that the train was already full. Everyone crushed down a little more, and the doors closed. I then got to spend the journey watching the man trying to stay upright by holding onto the handle by the door, and pressing his other hand against the glass sheet between the standing area and the seats.... The thing is, there was another man trapped between him and the glass. It was a very funny uncomfortable scene.

The two men were inches away from each other, one's hands pressed either side of the other, and yet somehow, staring in an intently casual manner out of the window, eyebrows slightly raised in a "tralala, isn't this a boring day with no people in it, especially not ones almost pressed up against me?" kind of way, ipods plugged firmly into their ears, they each managed to keep up the impression that neither had any idea the other even existed.

People are ever so entertaining.

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becky said...

What a funny scene to imagine!

I love your descriptions, so realistic.