Saturday, 11 July 2009

Old Friends and Soup Disasters

My Breakfast

I left for work an hour early today so I would have time to sit and write before work, which worked and was lovely. Starbucks failed on the drinks front though. I went in and ordered an iced decaf mocha frappachino (because I like to be difficult :op), and the barrista looked at me funny and said, "Um.. we can't do that." So I said that was fine and that I'd go to Caffe Nero instead. Which I did, and they didn't blink when I asked for the same thing, and it was goood. They win.

I met an old friend today, or to be more accurate, she met me. She came to the store for my lunch. I haven't seen her in about two years and it was it was really great catch up a bit and hear about her time at uni. It's so strange to think how much things have changed and we've grown up since we first met when we were young. I don't feel different, even from what I was like at 10. How does that work? How do we grow up and mature... and yet stay the same?

For lunch I had soup to eat in the park. Beautiful red pepper and goat's cheese soup. I then managed to drop said soup. It went everywhere, completely covering one leg from the foot to the knee. Somehow, thank goodness, I managed to clean it up enough that it wasn't noticable when I went back on the shop floor half an hour later. But now I'm hungry coz most of my soup ended up on my leg or the ground. So I'm off to eat shiny big cherries and then find something more substantial.

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becky said...

That looks like a very, very lovely breakfast! I love the photograph in general, actually, the focus and colours are lovely!

Changing and it not seeming like it is very odd, glad you had a fun lunch! And the soup sounds like a disaster, gosh.

It makes me think of that line from Juno about the girl whos house smells of soup. hehe