Monday, 6 July 2009

The joys of clean clothes.

Ah look, sunshine! Another beautiful day outside. And this time, I have the day off. The week off in fact. I've kept it purposely clear, refusing to let anyone talk me into doing anything or going anywhere. This week is mine to get my life, surroundings and routines back in order. Although I've been out of uni for a month now, this is the first time I've had a block of time this big just for myself. I can't begin to say how much I'm looking forward to it.

I began tidying my room over the weekend, and it's already feeling less like a landfill site. I bought myself a bamboo basket to keep all the scarves and cardigans that end up all over my floor. I figured that if I'm going to throw them around the room instead of having somewhere to hang them, I may as well throw them into something that looks nice and keeps them out of a heap on the floor. It's working wonders already. I don't know how I've collected so many scarves.

Today is laundry day. Thing is, I have no working washing machine. Today is the day my hands get very soapy and dry and I have water splashed all over the bathroom and clothes dripping dry from every pointy-out bit in my room that I can hang them off. So I guess today should be the day that I also find some lovely hand cream, sea salt scrub and other pampery things for my poor worked hands. Then tomorrow will be the first day in a while that instead of my morning routine being, "I'll wear....... oh... I can't. It's in the washing basket. Okay, then I'll wear.... oh. So's that." It'll be, "I'll wear.... that. Perfect." Done.

The little luxuries of life.


becky said...

Oh, laundry day like off of the olden days! How exciting, I think you should document the whole affair, myself. Or, if it's still a beautiful day (it isn't here), you could spread out your clothes to bake in the sun on the green rectangle outside the block of flats next door. They used to do that in Little House on the Prarie. Though not, obviously, in front of a block of flats.

Must dash, a plethora (I have been reading my dictionary!) of dishes and cups is waiting for me. We're so domestic!

Evie.E said...

Lol, oh I'm so tempted to put my clothes out on the grass. But the neighbours think I'm strange enough what with running around barefoot and taking pictures of the daisies out there and all. And in this neighbourhood people will think all my clothes are free for the taking!

I've taken out two bin bags and two bags of recycling already today, and there's still more. It feels so good to be able to walk around and.... drumroll... see the floor!

loopsie said...

Hahaha, landfill site. I'm actually doing a project on sustainable waste practices, but I haven't taken care to practice such in my own household. How can I ever hope to succeed otherwise...?