Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I hate shopping. Am I allowed to say that?

I'm having graduation panic. Not about the graduation itself, I'm quite looking forward to that, but I have nothing to wear! Today I'm planning to go to the still rather new, and ridiculously giant Westfield Shopping Center to find something nice. I've never been there before and I feel like going somewhere new. The problem is, and saying this may go against every rule of being a girl, that I hate shopping. New clothes, I love, new things of any kind, I love. The act of delving into the shops to find said new things? Ugh. Not so much.

Sales are worst of all. I refuse to shop in sales, even if there are (so I'm told) bargains to be had. I would prefer to go when it hasn't been hit by a hurricane of frantic shoppers, all rummaging through the same rail of crumpled clothes, even if it means paying full price for something.

London shops are huge, and stock everything, but are full to the brim with tourists and crazed teenage girls in 4 inch heels. Outside London, things are (generally) a little calmer but, having been to the London stores, I'm aware of how much is missing from these smaller stores and don't want to buy until I've seen everything. I can't win.

So after hours of frustrated high-street shopping, I usually find myself in some semi-designer place spending £40 on the cardigan instead of my budgeted £15, or £75 on a swimsuit that I've given up hope of ever finding anywhere else. I'm a student, that's a month's worth of food money!

And with that rant off my chest, I'm off to shop!
Wish me luck!

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