Saturday, 4 July 2009

Flickery internet...

Hmm, well I seem to have found a flaw in my daily posting plan. I'm back in London with no internet of my own, only that "borrowed" from an unsuspecting neighbour. An unsuspecting neighbour who only has internet at random points during the day and almost never during the night. That's on my to-sort-out list. But in the meantime It'll have to be post when I'm able rather than daily without fail.

I only have a flicker of internet right now and it's about to give out, so this can't be long. It's a post for the sake of it really. But hopefully I'll have something better tomorrow. If you're lucky it might even be worth reading!


Aaand that was last night. The internet died before I clicked publish.

It's been a long weekend at work, kind of hectic but dead at the same time. Building work going on around the store which makes things confusing. But I actually really enjoyed myself at work for the first time in months. I wasn't watching the clock and waiting desperately until the time I could leave. I used to love my job so much, and I feel like now the rest of my stress is beginning to wear off, I'm getting that back. I can go back to being good at what I do, and loving it. Happy times.


SillyBoy said...

Nooo! You fool! That was two posts there, and you've combined them into one! You're not going to win NaBloPoMo like that, are you?

Veronica said...

Ahh, my internet is doing that too! I have no reason to not suspect it dying during this very comment! :P

Love the blog!!!

becky said...

Poor internet! We'll have the worlds best in the autumn, and then you can do the November NaBloPoMo every single day, or even twiiice a day! Oh, that might be taking it a little too far.

I do wonder who the neighbour was!