Thursday, 9 July 2009

Doing things the hard way.

Another load/bucket of washing done. By hand.

I made up some whipped cream the other evening, easy enough.. but it's the first time I've done it without my electric whisk, which is in my mum's kitchen right now. It's rather more tiring manually. And then the water was cut off for all of yesterday and most of today. Turning the tap on and having no water come out is strangely disconcerting, there being no water in an entire house isn't something you really consider happening normally.

Add a non-working washing machine on top of that and it feels like I'm living in the stoneage! Or something. I feel spoiled by a way of life I don't even notice I have until I don't. How on earth did people survive without all the modern appliances that we take for granted now? Even thoroughly washing a pair of heavy jeans is a workout on its own. And never mind appliances, just having hot and cold running water is a big deal for me at the moment!

Anyway. Just musing aloud.

And now I'm off to check that nothing valuable is being saturated by the steady dripping of water from my jeans. I hope the weather wherever you are is less grey and drizzly than here!

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becky said...

You need Asta (possibly and if I'm remembering names correctly!! :op) to whip the cream! Whipping cream by hand is really exhausting, even when you have people to switch with to give your arms a break.

I hope all your clothes are washed now and drying nicely! xxx