Wednesday, 8 July 2009

And then the police were summoned...

Well today was full of drama. We've been living in a building site for the past year and a half, thanks to a landlord full of evil. Today one of the guys who lives the house had a slight temper meltdown.

Now, it's quite hard for me to actively dislike someone. There are people I confess to not going out of my way to adore, but to actually truly dislike someone, that's rare for me. He's one of those rare people. To put it into perspective. I've lived in a house with him for three years. I haven't said more than three words to him for the last two years.

Anyway, the water was disconnected so that the builders could do their work, and he went ballistic at the plumber. But he's too weaselly to pick a proper fight. No. Instead he wound up the situation and wound it up, yelling and following them around, until the plumber's temper snapped, then called the police, telling them a fabricated tale about how he had, "merely asked them nicely about the situation, and the plumber became aggressive and knocked him to the floor." None of which had happened.

He called both the neighbourhood police, and 999, so a police van and a police car turned up (I have to say I'm quite impressed by their response time, it was less than 10 minutes later). I took one of the policemen aside as they came in and explained the situation as I'd seen and heard it so they knew not to go after the plumber as the aggressive one in the situation, and they were gone in about 10 minutes. They hadn't even got all the way down the garden path before he asked one of the builders to turn the water back on. He started another fight and called the police back. At which point I decided it was time for me to be somewhere else, so I threw some books and lenses in a bag and my camera around my neck and went for a lovely aimless stroll around London.

I enjoyed my little exploration, and am now inspired to go out on a proper photo seeking day soon, maybe tomorrow if the weather's nice.

And now I'm home with pizza and rasberries. Not together. And no police. Yay.

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