Tuesday, 14 July 2009

And now I can draw.

I got my tablet working properly in Photoshop last night. I can now draw and paint properly! I haven't drawn anything, by hand or otherwise, in a very very long time and drawing digitally seems to be the perfect way for me to start back up again. I love it. It's a no risk medium where, with all my layers, I can change my mind at any point and rearrange the whole picture if I like, or redo sections. So much fun.


becky said...

No risk mediums are good, and much less messy (although perhaps because of that slightly less fun? Hmm, I want to try it out, please!).

I'm glad you're having so much fun with it! And the new drawing is very beautiful!


Evie.E said...

No risk mediums are good to get up drawing confidence. And no mess doesn't make less fun, just different fun. You can try it out when you come next time (Soon! Eep!), and you can see all its magicness.

Thankee my love! xxx

Lilly Rose Chen said...

this is just lovely Evie. And love that new pix of yous. Yum!