Thursday, 21 May 2009

Uni.... Done? Huh, what?!

After my months and months of talking and worrying about it, the end of uni has finally arrived. Today I wrote and handed in my final assignment. My last ever hand in. I returned my pile of library books. Yesterday we had our final screening. It's all done.

But after all my worrying about this dramatic day, it hasn't actually sunk in. The adrenaline rush of having to write 2000 words before 4pm hasn't quite worn off yet. I managed it all calmly, at my own speed, without a hint of panic. I was very proud of myself. But I'm still breathing in my "stay calm, it's all fine..." way right now, still bracing myself for more work. But there is none!

As soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to go on a whirlwind clean up of my room. Any traces of uni are going to be put in a box under the bed, somewhere that I don't have to see them until I finally realise that it's all over. And all my work off my mac onto a backup harddrive.

Then I'm going to find something yummy to eat, and watch the episode of House that I've had sitting on my desktop begging to be watched for the whole of this week. And then... after that.... who knows? It doesn't matter! My time is mine again!!

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