Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Writing and fluffy friends.

37 days:
Last night my disconnection time meant that I had the chance to actually work on my dissertation without distraction. I went to bed early again, kind of, about 11:30. But before that I managed to get an elusive 700 or so words written and plenty of notes made on what I have to do next. It gave me a good kick into working, and I'm not so stuck as to where to start next time I sit down and begin to write.


Rest of Life:
Spring is really and truly here. I went for a walk with my camera and spent about 45 minutes at the park lying in the sun yesterday. It felt so good! I'm going to try and get outside for as many walks as possible now that the weather is so lovely, I always feel better when I walk.

I made a little friend while I was out. As I was dozing on the grass, I sensed a movement by me and opened my eyes. A gorgeous fluffy black dog had dropped its ball by my head and was waiting for me to throw it for him. I did this, and he went running after it, then brought it back for me to throw again, which I did. This went on for a long time as he completely ignored his owner calling to him. He was the friendliest, playfullest dog I've met in a long while. Thoroughly adorable.

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Love doggy!!