Sunday, 5 April 2009

Reclaimed Mornings

37 days:
I have discovered a wonderful new side to my challenge. I am now not only reclaiming my evenings for myself, I'm reclaiming my mornings as well!

On Saturday morning I got up an hour earlier than I had to (something I very rarely do) and left for work an hour early. Once I got there, I sat across the road in Pret for an hour with hot chocolate and granola, and my trusty moleskine. I got lots of very much needed head clearing writing done before wandering back across the road and starting work. A good start to the day. For some reason I've never done that in all my time of working there. That's something that will have to change, it's a routine I would really like to set for myself. I loved having that time to myself instead of rolling out of bed and onto the shop floor.

Then last night I shut down the internet at 10 on the dot, sat around for a bit, then realised I was very tired. Half an hour later the lights were out and I was listening to a radio show before bed, 15 minutes after that I'd given up on the radio show and had turned that off also, 10 minutes after that I was fast asleep. I can't remember the last time I fell asleep so fast and slept so soundly. I think winding down earlier in the day helps me a lot.

Today again I got up an hour early, naturally no less, I opened my eyes to check the time seconds before my alarm went off. Again I had a lovely leisurely morning and was ready for work by the time I would have been dragging myself out of bed normally. Then it was out into the gorgeous sunshine.

I love having the chance to go to bed when I'm actually tired, instead of keeping myself up to read "one more" post, watch "one more" youtube clip, stalk "one more" person on facebook (not that I do that a lot... ahem). It's making a big difference in the way I live my days.

I didn't expect my slightly less internet time to spread its change across the whole day like it is.


becky said...

Mmmm, hot chocolate and granola sounds very, very nice!!!

You should definitely do it more often!

And the non internetness sounds like it's going really well! Even if it means annoying ends to conversations at exactly (sh.) ten o'clock!

Hurrah for reclaimed mornings! xx

cynthia said...

you know, this has happened for me as well. My challenge was to practice the examen at night before bed. Actually, my evening routine is still sporadic. But I have been consistently awake early each morning for some quiet.