Monday, 6 April 2009

Procrastination. Again.

So here I am today, working on my dissertation. Can you tell? I'm hard at work.

I'm finding it difficult to start today. I'm flicking through webpages (about to force myself to shut them down), buying some music that was recommended to me yesterday, then falling asleep listening to said music because it's very lovely but awfully drowse-enducing, thinking that maybe I should tidy my room before starting (you know, because I'll be so much more productive once I've spent several hours sorting out this mess...) and thinking that perhaps I should cook as well before starting so that I don't have to do that once I'm into the whole writing thing.

Then I thought, okay this is ridiculous, I've got to stop. Oh, I know, I have some interesting things in various books about procrastination and how to avoid it, maybe I should read some of those and get some ideas on how to deal with it. It was at that point that I realised just how bad it had got, about as bad as bad as it can get. Well, almost. As-bad-as-it-could-get actually hit the moment I loaded up my blog to write about my efforts to not procrastinate.

Right. Time to write. Yes. Write.


becky said...

Oh, I hope it's going better than earlier!!!

And, almost reading books on how to not procrastinate, and writing posts on the fact you're about to stop procrastinating is quite an amazing feat!! hehe xxx

Eric said...

Take up some stone carving or painting, way fun sometimes and no internet involved. :)

Eric in Texas