Friday, 3 April 2009

37days + Filming

37 days:
Last night I bent my rule a little. I was talking to Becky online for the first time in way too long, and for the first time since she was in London and I didn’t get to see her. It didn’t feel right to cut off a way overdue conversation midsentence, so I shut down all my main internet windows at 10 o’clock and let myself stay signed into my messenger for half an hour longer to talk to her. Then after that I shut everything down.

I’m going to go back to my 10pm cut-off for everything and not make a habit of changing the rules, but having that touch of flexibility makes the whole challenge a little more real for me. Not real as in more of a challenge, but real as in making it a part of my life. If I said, “Whoops, okay, got to go, sorry, talk to you in another couple weeks,” and signed out at the final bell-toll of 10, I think I would resent the challenge and would have spent the night texting her phone anyway. As it is, the experience is developing into something I can learn from and gladly live with the results after these 37 days are finished.


Rest of life:
Our filming went fairly well on Wednesday. Actually, it went fantastically. A lot, a lot of fun. Our actors were very lovely, the weather was gorgeous like I haven’t seen for a long time in England (we all came away sunburned) and the park was the best place to be on a day like that. I’m a perfectionist so there are things I’m not sure about in terms of shots etc, hence the “fairly well” at the start, but I haven’t seen the footage yet. I’ve been told it’s good, so I’m hoping to lose my pessimistic edge once I do see it later today.

This was our final uni shoot. The final project. The end. Such a strange thought. But after all the many disasters with groups and filming that I’ve had throughout my time at uni, I couldn’t have had a more perfect ending to it all. I love my group very much and there’s no one I would rather be working with. The project, even with the flaws I’m pessimistically predicting, is so very much ours and I love it holes and all. Like the group, there are no projects I’d rather be working on. And there couldn’t have been a better last day of filming, lovely people, weather, fun. It has completely made up for all of my nightmares from previous projects, I get to leave uni with great memories instead of regrets. I’m very much satisfied.

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