Thursday, 2 April 2009

Another day.

37 days:
My internet was out last night, so the challenge wasn't much of a challenge really. I'm still liking my "own time" rule, although it's tricky to get all my internet time crammed into a couple hours when I get in from being out all day. I suppose a good idea would be to look at where my time goes on the internet. Much of it is very pointless. Although.. an unexpected side-effect of doing this (or it could just be me being headachey and grumpy) is that I don't actually feel like random browsing at the moment. Even before 10pm, I've been opening my usual internet pages out of habit, then leaving them sitting there untouched while I get on with something more interesting.

Time for internet-off now.


cynthia said...

I am looking forward to where this challenge is going to lead you. I think you might find that the time you are online will be more "productive" without the mindless distracting clicking. so you will end up accomplishing more.

Evie.E said...

I agree! I'm beginning to see that happening, just being more aware of what I'm doing instead of sitting there staring at a screen until bedtime makes a huge difference already!

Anonymous said...

Wait, what? More interesting than the Internet?