Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My time. And filming plans.

37 days:
Last night’s no-internet time was pretty much spent curled in an armchair with mug after mug of various teas (I drank almost 2 litres of tea yesterday.. usually I drink a cup every couple weeks! It's all I could even think of drinking/eating). It’s funny how sitting in one place can be so different with and without internet. If that makes sense.

I had my computer on the little table beside me, so sitting there, its not like I was doing anything more or less than I would have been had I been online. But being online creates a constant pull to be in a thousand places at once. I’m always alt-tabbing from page to page in an attempt to browse Flickr, catch up on my favourite blogs, write something in my own blog, avoid amazon or ebay so as not to be tempted by things I can’t afford (usually unsuccessfully), carry on proper conversations with whoever’s online... and a thousand other things.

So without internet I was instead.... just... sitting. And it was a very different experience. I like having that focus even on doing nothing. And even though I’ve only been doing this for a couple days, after 10pm has become “my time”. I’ve begun seeing things I need/want to do that I keep saying I’ll get to.. get to.. get to... sometime, and saying, “Oh, yea, I’ll do that after 10.” It’s already turning into a routine for me, and I love it.

As I was typing all this and trying to make it make sense, dharmamama left this link to another of Christine Kane's posts in a comment. Very very perfect for me right now. And then I clicked onto another post I hadn't read before, about attention splatter. This is exactly what I'm learning to avoid with my no-internet habits, and what I'm learning to avoid. It's so great to see it written down and know that it's far from being a problem that only I have. Maybe it will make it easier for me to spot it and steer clear...


Rest of Life:
We’re filming tomorrow! Finally! And everything has gone bizarrely, incredibly smoothly. We went through a bit of a panic this morning with a severe lack of equipment, and lack of solid permission to film in Greenwich Park. But somehow it all clicked into place like a dream. I'm pinching myself. And we're filming in the morning.

I'll write more about all of this tomorrow because I've just overrun my 10pm deadline by 5 minutes and my lovely friend is quite rightly pestering me with countdowns on msn to get me offline.

So off I go to finish storyboarding methinks.



SillyBoy said...

You can't mislead the public with your talk of "5 minutes"! You were still online until eleven minutes past ten, and I'm not so lovely as to pretend I didn't notice!

cynthia said...

ah, that lovely quandary that when we "silence the voices" ... even it is just the internet voices ... we must sit with ourselves. Intense, isn't it?

becky said...

Mmm, tea. Oh no.

I think you should also try and tone down the internet time you do have - less alt-tabbing for one thing.

And goodness, eleven minutes is awful, try harder, please!! hehe xxx