Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Maps and Spies.

The Google streetview feature has been the controversial topic of choice in all the London papers this week. Whatever people say about privacy invasion and security worries, it's the greatest invention ever for procrastinating students! Hours of fun.

Here's my house, and my room. My curtains and all. I wonder if I was in there when the photo was taken.

And welcome to Central London:

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I watched The 39 Steps this morning. I loved the simplicity of it, almost bordering on naivety in a way. It's a spy film without the explosions and complex plot lines, and most of the spying. It's a film that doesn't worry about anything other than the story it's intending to tell.

The first agent needs to show that she is telling the truth about being followed. How does she prove it? She tells the guy to look out of the window. He sees this:

How beautiful a sight is that? It's got to be my favorite shot from any film I've watched recently, or any film at all. Eeeven more so than my Grace Kelly shots (and I love those much). You just don't see proper spies like this these days. Gone are the days of spies in trenchcoats with turned up collars standing in pools of lamplight staring up at windows. A sad fact of life I think.

When I was rather younger than I am now, it was my ambition to be a spy of precisely this type. I don't think I ever grew out of it. Actually, now I think of it. *runs off and finds picture* *uploads picture* I definitely never grew out of it. This is me procrastinating on uni work last year sometime.

Oh. Speaking of procrastination. I have a thousand things I should be doing rather than writing this. I should probably go and do at least one or two of them... Or pretend to at the very least.

This is me going.


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becky said...

I saw your house too! So exciting, hehe.

And did you hear the Mills where they're talking about it, we need to find out where Radio 1 is so we can stop Chopper! (So not stalking...)

Love the spy stuff, I'm jealous you get to watch films like that for research! We should dress up like spies and take photographs.