Sunday, 29 March 2009

37 Days, and the future.

37 days:
Last night was my first proper night of no internet (I decided too late to implement it on Friday). And it was great. Actually, I have to confess that it was a bit of a shock to the system at first. I turned off my laptop (I've been having to use the internet on my dinosaur lately), and instinctively reached for the power button on my mac to turn it on. I stopped myself in time, put on some music and sat back to listen to it until I had got over the trauma of having no screen in front of me.

Then I dug out my camera manual and learned how to control the flash on my 450d, and a couple other things that had been bugging me. At work earlier yesterday I bought a gorgeous new first aid tin, so I spent a while tracking down things scattered throughout my room to put inside it. I assembled them and used my new-found controllable flash to take a photo of it, just because I could. And after all this I still had time to find food, and take it easy listening to some old Scott Mills podcasts until bedtime.


Rest of life:
Work was very quiet today and most of my day was taken up reading through a monologue from A Midsummer Night's Dream in incredible detail to help Z. learn it for an audition tomorrow. Analysing where the emphasis needed to be in every line and word, how long and short pauses needed to be, and trying to decypher what certain rather confusing lines actually meant. It was fun to watch customers staring at her in confusion, wondering why she was reciting Shakespeare to the bags, the cabinets and anything else inanimate that would listen to her practicing.

Uni work is progressing slowly, but it is progressing. That's the thought I'm holding onto when stress and panic clutches at my head and stomach. Filming didn't happen on Thursday like it was supposed to, but everything looks good for this Wednesday instead. Touch wood, fingers crossed. All that.

As for dissertation, well, I had a meeting with my supervisor for the first time in way too many months, and he loves my idea and plan so far and was very positive about it, so that made me feel a lot better. I'm heading home (my other home that is) to see my mum tomorrow with all my books. She'll make me get my writing done, instead of sitting around staring out of the window. And I get fed there. Double bonus. My plan is to have something good on paper to show my supervisor by next week, eep, not next week anymore. Later this week.

I'm feeling less doomed by the fast approaching end of uni now. Instead of worrying about getting trapped and stuck in a rut, I've simply decided I won't. I want to make a difference and change the world, even if it's only my corner of it to begin with. I have ideas about where I would like to end up, and what I would like to be doing. I don't know how I'll get there, or whether these ideas will change as my horizons open, but every day I can take one step towards these goals, big or small and end up exactly where I am supposed to be.

Finishing uni is the end of an era, and the start of a whole life-time of possibilities.

Positive outlooks are a lot more fun to have than doom and gloom ones. I need to make sure I keep hold of this one as deadlines and endings come nearer.

Time to check my mail before my cut-off point!


P.S. Here's my slightly odd selection of first aid things, just coz I want to show off my pretty red tin. I don't think there's much in there that would do any good in an actual case of emergency. Unless it's chapped lips or a cold. Oh, or a headache. Ah well, it looks nice, I'm happy.


cynthia said...

I love your first aid tin!! my stuff is in a boring plastic container. Must look for something more fun.

Deirdre Reid said...

What a great challenge -- you're adding time to your day! I've been trying to be a little more disciplined about turning off my laptop at a certain hour each night and then actually reading a book, remember those? My 37 days challenge is to meditate ten minutes a day, so far so good. It's something I wanted to get back into so I'm glad this challenge came along to kick me in the butt.

becky said...

The first aid tin is very pretty, and goodness me, look at all the narcotics! Did you have to buy some in specially or did you just happen to have lots around?

Hurrah for Mills! And Midsummer Night's Dream monologue sounds like fun.

I wonder how your other meeting with supervisor went today.