Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Procrastination Lists.

I've been constructively procrastinating for the past two days. Instead of doing my work I have managed to tidy my room, handwash several loads of clothes, scrub the floor, get all the recycling sorted and taken out, go grocery shopping, attempt to make pancakes... and so on.

I realised that my procrastination had hit rock-bottom when I found myself writing a list of all the ways I procrastinate. To balance it out I followed it up with a list of all the things I would be able to do if I stopped doing the things on the first list.

Ways I procrastinate:
  • Facebook.
  • Refreshing Facebook to see if anything has changed in the last 30 seconds.
  • Looking at Flickr stats.
  • Pointless conversations online with people I don't actually want to talk to. (Usually what happens when I forget to be invisible)
  • Audiobooks.
  • Podcasts.
  • Tidying my room. (Yes it always needs doing... but somehow always when I should be doing something else)
  • Lengthy unneeded photo editing on pictures I'm never going to use.
  • Lengthy unneeded photo re-editing.
  • Tidying my computer files. Picture and Music folders especially. And my internet favorites/bookmarks.
  • Reading about and talking about all the amazing and wonderful things I'm going to do. Instead of doing them.
  • Writing lists.
  • Writing long blog posts about how I procrastinate.

What I can look forward to if I stop procrastinating:
  • Going for walks again
  • Writing. Like. Actual stories and poems, like I did in the days of yore.
  • Drawing
  • Artist dates and general me-time
  • Good grades in uni work
  • Satisfaction at jobs well done instead of scraping by on the bare minimum.
  • All day photo-taking excursions.
  • Picking up my guitar again.
  • Listening to music - really listening.
  • Writing letters to people I do want to talk to and hear from.
  • Real-life cooking of actual non ready-meal meals.
  • Lying in the grass or on my bed, staring at the ceiling or the sky, letting my thoughts ramble and frolic aimlessly - guilt free.
  • Sticking, sewing and every other way of making things possible.
  • Doing the wonderful amazing things I want to do! Instead of talking about them.
  • Early mornings, full nights of sleep, and full waking days to enjoy life.
I'm going to write both lists up on big colourful paper and stick them on my wall in order to remind myself of what I'm avoiding, and what I'll be able to do if I stop wasting my time. Hopefully it will make a difference!

And on the more productive side of things, we had class today and a group meeting for the video and have compleetely changed our idea to something far smaller and more suited for the video length that we're aiming for. It has more possibilities to be made into a contained, polished looking final piece. It needs work, but I'm very much happier with it. Looking forward to starting on it soon.

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pen* said...

i hear you sister!! on both lists! i love your idea of writing the lists up and posting them on a wall. think i might do the same! :)