Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Happy things.

I'm happy today.

My group and I had the most productive production meeting we've had yet, with everyone in sync and knowing what we want to do for our video project. We have production roles sorted, and a solid approach to making the film. We then had to present the idea to the class, which went a lot better than it could have. After our presentation a light-bulb went on in my head and I got lots of ideas scribbled out while other ideas were being pitched by the rest of the class. I'm supposed to be typing those ideas up now, preferably in script form, but I'm kind of procrastinating.

That brings me to my other happy thing. I'm in photography mode again for the first time in.... in.... forever! For ages I've wanted to take photos, but not really felt like a photographer, if that makes sense. I would get a photo here and there that I liked, but it felt like a fluke rather than skill. The other night I started a new Flickr account as a new me and have been completely hooked ever since. After a couple days of endless browsing, I'm energised and excited to go out and take more of my own photos again. And even better, for once I feel like a photographer as good as any on there. There are many who have more skill than me, but that's because they've been doing it longer. My photos are plenty good and will improve with practice. It's been a long time since I've believed that.

And lastly, a friend sent me this: Save The Words
Hours of fun and education.

Now I really must go and do some work!

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