Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Welcome to a little angel.

Yesterday was better than the day before, thank goodness. I've mostly managed to shut up the voice in my head, or just not pay it any attention, and it helps that me and my group for next semester have finally arranged a meeting to discuss how the project is going to go, so it'll be less vague and up in the air.

This morning I finally got chance to go to the sorting office and pick up a package that hadn't been delivered properly last week because I wasn't around to sign for it. I couldn't remember what I'd ordered that would need to be signed for, and I still didn't remember until I saw the return label on the little box.

It's my artist totem for week 9 of The Artist's Way. And even more adorable than I hoped! She came to my door the first time on my birthday (the attempted delivery) which just makes it all the more better. She'll do a wonderful job of reminding me to be nice to myself and stop bullying myself when I have writer's block, or things aren't going quite right.


AMJONE said...

She's adorable! Happy Belated Birthday to you.

pen* said...

happy belated birthday!
oh, i love the angel! she's perfect.

Secret Wish Jar said...

Happy belated birthday!

Your angel totem is so cute! What a great idea.