Monday, 5 January 2009

Christmas tree, oh Christmas treee.... and revision.

Lookee look! I have a baby Christmas tree! I planted it on Christmas Eve and came home on Friday to find a tiny little baby thing emerging from the compost. It was maybe 2 and a half millimetres high. Today, a day and a half later, it's quadrupled in size to over a centimetre! Magic! I wonder how big it'll be by next Christmas. And if it will still be small enough to live on my windowsill..

In other news.
Desperately trying to find anything that will help me in my upcoming exam, I dug out my class notes from the dreaded Ethical Media lectures.

The only notes I took before giving up in Week 9's lecture read:

"It is actually quite common.
It seems to happen more often than it does,
so it isn't really that common. But it does happen."

Direct quote from the lecture. Is it any wonder the entire class is panicking about tomorrow's exam? Worst. Teacher. Ever. *sighs*


Ginaagain said...

Aww! I love the baby tree. I hope it continues to grow for you. Good luck on your exam.

Lilly Rose Chen said...

I love this idea. Maybe I should try it also but I have two black thumbs. The only things I can grow is my own hair and catcus. which is nothing to write home and brag about.