Monday, 8 December 2008

My pen.

I got me a new pen! It's a Lamy Linea fountain pen and I love it. I haven't had a nice fountain pen since I was about 14 so I decided it was about time I treat myself. I am very fussy about my pens, they have to be just so and this is the first one I've found since my last poor pen broke that feels like a real replacement.

I am going to get the nib changed to be a fine nib instead of the medium one that comes as standard. It also comes with a converter to allow me to use any bottle of ink I choose, so I'm going to go ink shopping and find some lovely colours to play with. Fun fun.


stargazer said...

I admit to not ever using fountain pens but am very particular about any pen I'm using - and when I found a pen I like I hang on to it for dear life. Enjoy writing with you new pen!

pen* said...

oh.. your new pen looks delicious!!

Secret Wish Jar said...

What a treat! I have a Waterman Carene fountain pen that I use to write my MP's, they just don't feel right if I use another pen.

Enjoy!! :)

Lilly Rose Chen said...'re my kind of girl. I'm a big fountain pen addict myself. My current fave is a Sailor 1911 series. I also love the Hero 330. Looking to get a Pelican M series...What colors do you use? I'm a fan of green ink myself.