Thursday, 11 December 2008

Me-time! (and a video camera)

I'm on strike! So so happy.

My deadlines were all today and I handed everything in this evening. The thud as my work hits the bottom of the box is the most wonderful sound in the universe (unlike the loud, slightly drunk singing and cackling coming from the downstairs neighbours as I type...) and the instant I hear it, a load lifts from my shoulders.

My time is mine again! Well, for tomorrow it is. I'm working on Saturday and Sunday of course. But tonight I get to kick back and watch some cheesy movie, and tomorrow I am not going into work, even if they call, and intend instead to spoil myself and make the most of my first precious day off. Ah joy!

Oh, and in other news! My dad dropped back into the country again the other day. This evening I saw him very briefly and he gave me his old video camera. He's upgraded to a harddrive video camera to avoid having to carry so many tapes round the world with him, and so he's given me his MiniDV cam. I'm finally a filmmaker with an actual camera! Next step is to get a computer that can actually edit... but for the time being I can use the uni computers to play with my own projects. I'm all excited. I can make videos that aren't assignments! Eee, the possibilities...


Secret Wish Jar said...

Woohoo, yay you! Enjoy your days off, you've certainly earned it! And a new video camera to play with, what a treat! Would be nice to see some of your videos sometime :)

Lilly Rose Chen said...

love to see what you've cooked up with that camera..