Sunday, 7 December 2008

A little touch of clothing magic

I've just rediscovered this video. The first time I found it and mastered the technique, it had me emptying my tshirt drawer just to be able to refold it all "properly". There are step-by-step tutorials peppered across youtube now if you want to learn the easy way, rather than by watching this one over and over again, but this is the original and still my favorite.

Also, folding tshirts in 2 seconds flat makes for some lovely stunned expressions, if you ever have reason to casually fold tshirts in front of people :op


Secret Wish Jar said...

Fold shirts in 2 seconds flat?!? What an extraordinary talent :)

Evie said...

Hehe yes, it's an under-appriciated and rather useful party trick :op

Try it! It takes a little working out at first, but then it clicks and you wonder how it wasn't obvious in the first place.

Here's a step by step vid if you want to take a look: