Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A friend in need.

Firstly, an advance apology for the following cascade of sentimentality!

I know I only recently wrote a post about the importance and joy of friends, but I have an addition to make to it. In this past couple weeks, during my ups and downs of work and deadlines, I have been overwhelmed by the amazing loveliness of the people around me.

Since moving to the complete opposite side of London from everyone I know in order to be closer to uni, I sometimes complain that I'm isolated and am living all on my lonesome.. but during this time I haven't felt like that once. Every single time I had a problem, when I was stressed, when I wasn't sleeping, when I desperately needed to get some footage for my video, when I lost something I needed, and generally whenever things weren't going my way... someone stepped in to help me in big or little ways, and at the very least provide me with moral support and encouragement. I am indescribably touched and grateful to discover how many people, both friends and family, were willing to go out of their way to make life easier for me without me even having to ask.

Through all this I also learned something about myself. Not a good thing, but a good thing to learn so I can begin to erase it. Despite how much I pride myself on my understanding of people, I have a habit of judging unfairly. Some of the people who helped me over the past couple weeks, one in particuar without whom I would have had no work to hand in, are people I have not always been particularly fair to in the past.

Having so many people readily jump to my aid has made me feel very small. Grateful and loved and touched and many other wonderful things. But a lot more humble. It's been a pin in my over-inflated pride. However much I like to think so, I'm not actually better than everyone around me (but shush, that bit's a secret). And for every thing I am better at, someone else will have a handful of their own personal areas in which they exceed. This is fine and this is how the world works.

I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone who has helped me through this past month or so. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am, not only for the help that I was given but for discovering that I am blessed with so many wonderful friends. From now on I'm going to work on being as good a friend to my friends as my friends are to me.

Much love to all, xXx


Lilly Rose Chen said...

no need to apologize. I find everything that you write interesting. BTW went on your website, Who's that hot mama on there? Wow!you need to put that picture on your blog also.

Evie.E said...

Thank you so much! It's very encouraging to know that at least one person likes to read what I write, and that my words aren't tumbling into oblivion. Makes all the difference in the world!

And many many thanks for your comments about the photo, hehe. I want to add some more bits and pieces to my blog, pictures may end up being a part of that, we'll see :op