Friday, 28 November 2008


Last winter term our main project was to make a documentary. Our production group, making a documentary on video-game addiction, came together quite spontaneously and ended up being the most group-like group I've had since college. Our meetings were the envy of all the other groups once the photos started hitting facebook. We managed to have 5 hour meetings that included light-sabre duels, salsa lessons and general larking about... as well as actually getting work done.

So, I was very happy when the suggestion came that we get together again for our final video project next semester. Ideas are bouncing around already, and everyone is very into it. Also, we have the advantage of already knowing everyones strong and weak points beforehand, instead of having to get used to each other as with a new group. This video will be far better than last year's. A final project to be proud of for sure. I've decided.

But I guess in order to get to that project all the faster... I must now stop procrastinating and work on my current assignments... *sighs* Okay, off I go.

But first:
This is our video from last year. It has a few massive flaws that still make me cringe (the sooound! *shudders*), and plenty that could have been better, but overall I'm proud of it.

(Game Overdose)

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