Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Walking and bangy, lighty-up things.

Walking is a wonderful invention. It gets you from place to place, and it lets you think while you're getting there. Or to listen to music, or a story, or the latest gossip. It lets you mull over ideas, or, as in tonight's case, it lets you wear off a bad mood.

There are times when I need to walk. I feel it bubbling deep down in the bones of my arms and legs and I have to drop everything, put on my comfiest shoes, and head into the great outdoors. I just wish I had nicer places to walk. There are some lovely places around London I guess, but I miss greenness! And a horizon further away from me than across the road.

It's bonfire night. I can hear the bangs and crackles starting in earnest. I think I'll go out and take a look after writing this. I like fireworks... all bright lights and colours, and noise of course. I like the big ones that sparkle and the little ones that make fountains of light. I want to actually buy some sometime. So far I don't seem to have grown out of being little and told not to play with fireworks or they'll blow me up. I just watch from a distance. I haven't quite realised that I am actually old enough to buy them now. Maybe I'll get some, just to show myself that I can...

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