Tuesday, 18 November 2008

To you.

Today is the birthday of an amazing friend, in fact, the bestest friend a girl could ever wish for. I've only known her five years, but I can't imagine how I made it through the previous eighteen years without her.

Today I've been thinking about how important friends are... A true friend is someone with whom you can share anything. Someone to enjoy good times and joyful news, or someone with a shoulder to cry on when things are tough and to help you straighten your head out when it's tangled up like spaghetti. Someone who believes in you when you forget to believe yourself. Someone you can rely on no matter what, and who knows that they can always rely on you. And especially, someone who knows and loves you for who you are, and would never want you to be anything else.

I am fortunate enough to have a small selection of friends like this. To each of you, I just want to say how happy and proud I am to be able to call you a friend. Thank you for being you, and being so amazing.

And to you my sweet, a great big, giant Happy Birthday!! Welcome to the time-beyond-the-teens! I hope you've had a wonderful day. Oh, and a phone call is needed very, very soon so I can hear all your new job gossip!

Much love! xXx


demi said...

That made me cry, because I really am just that soppy tonight!

You are amazing. And I am old!

I love you more than you can imagine (and despite this being serious and heartfelt, I would like to add the "And you deserve the new puppy that will be joining us at the white house" thing, which I just realied should follow!)

Maybe your art school could be there? Hmm...

New cow?

I'm a little bit mental tonight, will text to explain.

Kisses! xxxx

Evie said...

Hehe, well I love you too. Rather a big lot. Your card was supposed to say all this but my brain wasn't working when I wrote it, so you got some odd thing about Scott Mills and soundtracks.

I need a first cow before I can get a new one! Oh, technically any cow would be a new one I guess. And puppies and white houses?

I want my school now! I don't want to wait till I can actually teach...

demi said...

Well, Scott Mills and soundtracks are lovely too, obviously! hehe Oh, I love my new radio ipod thingyum.

"Any cow is a new cow", sounds like it should become a quote or a company policy or similar.

And the white house thing was in relation to Barack Obama's key note speech, which I realised after I typed the first part. He was addressing his daughters, I think. Unless you knew that already and were questioning whether to new puppies and white houses. In which case, I think you should.

Learn to teach quickly then! :P

I don't know if you got my texts last night, but I just went for a run and now there's something else to text and I am beginning to hate texts. And beginning to sound quite mad. So I'm going to stop typing now! xxx

Evie said...

Lol! Oh!! I got "our white house" rather than "the White House" which is what confused me. I was trying to think of any white houses around, especially with puppies. And art school in the States?

Rather than a mere art school, it's going to be an Academy of Arts. I've decided. With everything anyone has ever wanted to learn.