Friday, 14 November 2008


I have here in front of me a bowl of steaming porridge swimming in milk, with a light sprinkling of demerara sugar to finish it off with a sweet crunch.

"What's so amazing about porridge?!" I hear you ask.

I haven't eaten porridge in about four years, simply because I've refused. No particular reason, I think it was just me being stubborn. But during the past week or so I've been craving it (At least half my cravings tend to be strangely healthy things, like broccoli. Probably a good thing) so out I went to re-stock my oat supply. Since then I have had porridge every day for breakfast, a light midday meal, or when I get home and can't be bothered to make anything else.

To me it feels like the ultimate luxury food. It's as easy to make as a bowl of cereal.. a blessing for hectic a student lifestyle. And you can be as creative with it as you like, or just use milk, oats and a pinch of salt, depending on your mood. Just a small amount keeps you full all the way till lunch, without a single thought of needing anything else in between. And it feels healthy. Not the "five a day" kind of healthy, which you know is good because it's logical and everyone tells you so. But the kind of healthy where you can feel the nutrition running into every part of your body from the very first spoon.

My current favorite indulgence is to sit and watch the people walking quickly past my window, bundled up to the noses in winter clothes, hurrying to their destination in the brisk winter sun or in the pouring rain, while I eat hot porridge, feeling the warmth and goodness spreading through me all the way to my toes. Anything I do in my day from then on is just icing on the cake, so to speak.

Go forth and eat porridge!
Or find your own personal luxury food and eat that. Whatever works for you!

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SisterJulia said...

Hi Evie

Popped by to say hello fellow TAWer. Totally with you on the porridge thing at the moment, mines more ready brek moment though! It's a saviour when it comes to hungry, tired or miserable carb cravings, without sending me into an eat the kitchen spiral...and it's so the time of year for it!
((overly familiar hugs))