Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The joys of a de-junkified room and brain.

Ah well, so much for blogging every day this month. I did so well, then it all went a little downhill. I've had a very "what's the point of all this anyway?!" week where pretty much everything is concerned, and it spread to my blog.

Today is a better day.

My mum came by with the car yesterday and spent the day with me, taking everything old or extra out of my room and back to the house. I'm left with space I haven't had in ages, only books I want to read, only clothes I want to wear, only art materials I want to use. It makes such a huge difference! And the welcome side-effect of a clearer environment is a clearer mind. After a long sleep in a cozy, peaceful room, I seem to have woken up with my mental block in pieces. I am back to taking my uni/work crises as challenges, steps along my path, whatever path that ends up being, rather than just a lot of confusing and stressful things around me.

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