Saturday, 8 November 2008


You know what I love about working in a shop? I love the customers. Working in such a large and popular store in central London, you meet fascinating people. Lots are lovely and occasionally inspirational, some are incredibly rude and snobbish, while others are just plain bizarre.

We get celebrities too on occasion, usually very minor ones who only one or two of us actually recognise, while the others (usually me) do "discrete" walk-bys to see if we can work out where they're from.

Okay, this seems to want to be turning into a rant. However much I truly adore my customers, today we had a couple of the worst kind. The type who look at you and see a faceless person who is hired to serve them, and who is there to pander to their every demand. Okay, yes, so that's our job, I know that and I take pride in my customer service, but some people have this talent for making you feel like you should be paying them to allow you the privilege of assisting them. When you come into our store we're not trying to make things difficult for you, we have everyone available working to find all the things you want (after you've already paid for one lot and mixed everything up several times might I add), and we're really not going to break your stuff or short-change you... so why the suspicious looks?

But I had one of the sweet kind also, so she made it all okay. She was funny, contradicting my reactions to what she told me. She was stocking up on our 70% off Halloween goodies for her niece next year, and was telling me how "unfortunately" she buys everything in sale a year early. And I said, "Oh, that's the best way! Buy it cheap, and no rushing about next year." But she said, "No, no, its unfortunate." and I just said, "Oh, okay." Then she was telling me how she's making advent calenders for her grand-kids and grand nieces and nephews, and I said what a lovely idea that was, and she said, "No it's not." and once again I said, "Oh...". She was very nice though, buying lots of tiny toys for the advent calenders, and the strangest little things she could find. She also told me that my service was excellent (sadly she waited till about a minute after my manager walked out of earshot... why are managers never around when you're complimented, but aalways when you make a mistake?) and was very gracious throughout.

I'm being sent off on some mystery quest tomorrow. I have to go to the mini Paperchase inside House of Fraser to help out. All I've been told is that they're moving something and need someone "with a head firmly on their shoulders" from our store to help... or something. All I know is that I have to be standing at the escalators at 10am and they'll come and meet me. It feels like a spy mission. Yay, I like adventures.

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Madame Meow said...

Have fun on your secret mission and yay for nicer customers :o)