Wednesday, 5 November 2008

For not a moment must be wasted.

My second post tonight. I'm not procrastinating. Sure, I have my dissertation proposal due in two days... and sure it's going on 10 o'clock at night, with my cursor flashing at me from an empty Word document (To be fair, it's not completely empty... it says, "This is my proposal." A strong start if ever I saw one) and I have one full day without lectures to get it all completed. But. Procrastination? Naaah.

And now that we've established my complete innocence on that count, I believe it's crucial that I immediately make a prioritised shopping list. Three in fact. Can't live withouts, can live withouts but would really rather not, and things I want but am not allowed. Vitally important to do tonight in case.... I..... need it... Yes.

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NicoleB said...

I can only get stuff done while under pressure.
No way around it :D
Shopping lists?
The only thing nearby over here is a supermarket, sigh :D

(Mh, you might wanna think of opening up the comment / Identity options?)