Friday, 7 November 2008

And all's well.

There was an eerie orange sky this evening, not the usual flaming sunset orange, a dull orangey orange. Of course my camera was charging today, so all I had with me to capture the moment was my horribly inadequate cameraphone. This photo really doesn't do it justice.

My proposal is handed in and I have no more deadlines until mid-December. I have a little time tonight that's mine mine mine, where I'm not ignoring a thousand other things I should be doing. And I have bread baking in the oven. I'm feeling rather contented.

My internet is playing up though. Not ideal for only the first week of NaBloPoMo. Hopefully it'll last. Maybe I'll think about actually upgrading to an internet service worthy of this centuary, like, more than a 1mb dial-up connection..... my only excuse is that it's cheap.

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