Friday, 8 August 2008

What's in a name?

I found myself on a babynames site earlier (not at all broody... honest!) and have found lots of lovely names. I want to change my last name. If I didn't think it would alienate my dad's side of the family I would change it tomorrow. I want Eastman, which is my mother's maiden name, and so much prettier than "Webb".

I think I like the name Mercedes, but I almost feel like I shouldn't. It's nice name, it's not its fault it's now associated with cars.

Also, I appear to have listened to the entire Pride and Prejudice soundtrack over 4 times today. I don't even like the film all that much. (That's the film as opposed to the series with Colin Firth, which is perfection.)


demi said...

I wonder how Mercedes could be shortened. hehe

And I was like that with that soundtrack for awhile. And then Atonement. And then Marie Antoinette. Which has still vanished and I really must refind. xxx

Evie said...

Hehe,I think I worked out how to shorten it once cause I used it as a character name years ago, but I really can't remember what I used...

I want the Marie Antoinette soundtrack!