Saturday, 9 August 2008

Let's put the "support" back in "tech-support"!

Maybe it's just my old-fashioned view on the world, but when I dial a telephone I would quite like there to be a human at the other end, especially when I'm in need of help. I had no internet, so I called the helpline...

"We have a new number for you to call and be charged at cheaper local rates," said the recording, "Please hang up and call: 0-8-4-5-4-5-4-double 2-double 2. That's: 0-8-4-5-4-5-4-double 2-double 2."

I re-dialled and went through the, "If you..... press 2", "If you..... press 4", "If you..... press 593478..." system, slowly funneling me in the direction of the appropriate advisor.

"Lets get you some help quickly," said the friendly recording, "If you use the 24/7 package please hang up and dial 0-9-0-7-5-9-7-triple 0-2. That's: 0-9-0-7-5-9-7-triple 0-2. If you use the pre-pay package please hang up and dial 0-9-0-7-5-9-7-triple 0-3. That's: 0-9-0-7-5-9-7-triple 0-3. Thank you."

"Beeeeeeeeeeep," went the disconnected line.

I called back again, assuming I had messed up a step and was sent to the wrong area. Wishful thinking apparently, the same thing happened again... "Beeeeeeeeeeeep."

In the end I just unplugged all my computer attachments, plugged the modem back in and restarted my computer a few times until the internet spluttered back into life. Hopefully it'll last...

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becky said...

Putting the support back in tech support sounds like a super idea, I think we should add it to our list of things to do. Along with living as nomads and buying a cow. I think..

Also, if the machine actually said "excellent", that would be amazing!

Demi xx